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Whirlwind Bridge Offers . . .

Bridge is a game which can bring a lifetime of enjoyment.

It is the perfect combination of mental challenge and social interaction. Whirlwind Bridge gives players with busy lives the most effective and convenient bridge learning experience possible, regardless of skill level.

Fun – Fast – Fundamentals

Whether you want to deepen your understanding of bridge basics or become proficient with concept-specific practice and highly advanced conventions, we can help you grow your game. All of our materials and techniques are extensively field-tested, and designed to increase your knowledge, confidence, and enjoyment!

Learn Bridge in A Day?®

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A few of Patty’s latest reviews:

“Thanks for making it convenient for me to learn bridge. I had been interested in finding a new game to learn.”

“Patty is a professional teacher. Loved the presentation and helpers!”

“Great Presentation, interesting and engaging. Loved the humor!”

“I thought the order and presentation were excellent with frequent opportunity to play what was taught.”

“Great Facilitator! Made learning bridge a fun experience.”

“Nice time! I feel like a genius.”

“Love the play and lecture intervals to be dynamic and short. I’m a 1st-time learner rating, my rating, all 5’s!”

“Excellent teacher at our table – so helpful.”

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