About Us

Whirlwind Bridge was founded by accomplished bridge players and teachers, Patty Tucker and Melissa Bernhardt, to provide easy-to-learn bridge instruction and strategy for players of all skill levels. Our proven learning materials and techniques will accelerate your understanding of the game, whether you are a newcomer or an advanced tournament player.

Our workbook, Cuebidding Controls was the recipient of the 2012 American Bridge Teacher Association’s Intermediate Book of the Year award. We also offer the popular Learn Bridge In A Day?® seminar, a fast, fun program to jump start the game for pre-beginners, as well as multi-level teaching materials for bridge instructors.

See the bridge classes that Patty and Melissa teach.

Patty Tucker


Patty has been playing bridge since age 11, teaching bridge full time since 1996 and has become one of the best-known teachers in Atlanta. Patty was recently inducted into the Georgia Bridge Hall of Fame and was selected the 2011 ACBL Goodwill Member of the Year in addition to becoming certified as an American Bridge Teacher Association (ABTA) Master Teacher.

She is a North American Open Pairs National champion, Grand Life Master, a member of District 7 and ACBL’s National Goodwill Committee, a member of the ACBL National Appeals Committee, an ACBL Certified Teacher and an ACBL Director. ACBL 2016 Honorary Member.

Melissa Bernhardt   

Melissa has been playing bridge for over 30 years. During this time she has also served as Managing Director of Woodbridge Group, a consulting firm that provides corporate education and strategic solutions for a variety of local and national clients.

She recently decided to combine her professional background with her enjoyment of bridge. Melissa is a member of the American Bridge Teachers Association and teaches groups of beginning and intermediate students in the Atlanta area.