Bridge is a game which can bring a lifetime of enjoyment. It is the perfect combination of mental challenge and social interaction. Whirlwind Bridge gives players with busy lives the most effective and convenient bridge learning experience possible, regardless of skill level.


Whether you want to deepen your understanding of bridge basics, or become proficient with concept-specific practice and highly advanced conventions, we can help you grow your game. All of our materials and techniques are extensively field-tested, and designed to increase your knowledge, confidence and enjoyment!

Whirlwind Bridge Offers . . .
  • The popular Learn Bridge In A Day?™ Seminar and Student Manual
  • The Learn Bridge In A Day?™ Teacher Toolkit for Instructors who want to increase bridge membership
  • Concept-specific Workbooks with practice hands for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced players
  • Group Instruction and Seminars that can be customized for your audience
Our Practice Workbooks are now available as print copies or as an iPad/iPhone app.